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In every woman’s closet there’s a clothing item that languishes away, worn maybe once a year (for pity’s sake) or never worn at all. Whether a gift, expensive purchase or laden with buyer’s remorse, this item needs to go and Chelsea Slocum is here to tell you where to take it—to the clothing swap.

“People are skeptical at first,” says Slocum who’s attended and is now holding a swap in her home. “They picture clothes in a giant mountain and women sifting through them.” Women also wonder how different body shapes and sizes fit into the equation. But the fact is, a better way to describe it, is a wardrobe swap.

“There’s more to a wardrobe than clothes. There’s shoes, scarves, hair accessories, jewelry, purses.” Guests are encouraged to bring ten to fifteen items that may include a wide range of beauty accessories and organization is key. Women are asked to bring their items on hangers and place jeans or shirts in designated areas. A whole store is set up with racks and mirrors and women attend in leggings and tank tops for ease when trying on items. There is even a number system, wherein your number is called and you get to go and choose an item so the pickings run smoothly.

“It’s a girl’s night vibe. You go shopping and make new friends,” says Slocum. “It’s fun. I’ve taken the craziest dress and weird shirt and I don’t know what I’m going to wear it with yet but it’s free and I get to take it home and experiment.” Add some appetizers, wine and conversation and the night is a great way to network and socialize all among fashion.

“In this day and age women who can’t spend a day at the mall—this is like a gift to have an audience of women to talk about clothing.”

Even Blue, a Goodwill boutique, supports this creative clothing mixer donating racks and hangers and handing out flyers and bags with coupons inside. Girls leave feeling excited about their new clothes at great prices (free!) and someone’s trash becomes another’s treasure.

Consider throwing a clothing swap of your own to score new duds, get rid of stuff you never wear and play a game up grown-up paper dolls in the process.

Nancy Sinatra sang that catchy tune “These Boots Are Made for Walkin’” and boy, was she ever right. Today, women are still wearing their boots, loving their boots, and making sure they have more than enough pairs. The new trend this year is the bootie, a short ankle version that has a real kick to it.

As the seasons change, so do we. If you’re ready for a new fall look but just don’t know your options, Tanaz Hair Boutique and Day Spa has plenty to say about the latest trends and ways to perk up your style.

Giddy, is how Michelle Grzybowski describes the feeling she gets creating furniture pieces to enhance someone’s home. She suggests bringing “life into your home with a pop of color or tone it down with grays and whites,” and you ought to take her advice as her business, {re}imagined Just For You is blooming with vintage furniture finds that have been repurposed, shabbied, and painted for a whole new look. Call it French Country Style, add the whole going green idea by using existing pieces in the world and think about the fact that these quality pieces have been around for a number of years and it’s a beauty and brains approach—with classes to boot!

Transition into fall like a fashion pro with style tips that allow you to stretch those summer items into the beginning of the next season.

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