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When I started my career in finance, my mother, without hesitation, said, "Now you're going to know all of the secrets about finance and investing." I feel this is how most conceptualize the world of finance—the idea that a certain population knows how the system works and capitalizes off if it. Those that don't, suffer.

Female entrepreneurs often face daunting obstacles as they pursue their dreams, many of which are not experienced by their male counterparts.

With the economy in a downturn and the holidays coming up, everyone could use extra cash in the bank. There are two main ways to make that happen:

There's no doubt: the economy has taken a hard hit recently, with it being revealed by economists that a recession in the United States actually began back in February, slightly ahead of the COVID-19 pandemic, and is likely already over. Though recessions and the factors associated with them often vary, there are always steps to take and knowledge to have to ensure your finances stay secure, when the economy is anything but.

Emergency fund, safety net, cushion. Call it whatever you want, it's there to break your fall in a worst-case scenario, and it needs to be padded.

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