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The Oct/Nov issue of West Michigan Woman features Dr. Diana Bitner, girlfriend getaway ideas, and tips for saving for your child's future. Peek inside for other real-life stories about topics that matter most to women like you.


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Our understanding of ADHD has evolved over the years, especially as it relates to women. According to Dr. Shannon Drabek, a psychologist at Pine Rest's Psychological Consultation Center, ADHD was originally referred to as "hyperkinetic reaction of childhood," and it was not until around the 1960s that the American Psychiatric Association (APA) recognized it as a mental health condition. Diagnostically, ADD and ADHD have since been combined under the same umbrella, meaning ADHD presents itself in a number of ways.
Let's face it—basements can be a bummer! But, with a little elbow grease, they certainly don't have to be. Whether your lower level needs finishing or you're looking to transform it into a guest space, home gym, home theater or otherwise, we connected with the experts at Renaissance Roofing, Exteriors, and Remodeling to discuss how renovations can make your basement a functional space in your home.
In ancient times, the three phases of a woman's life were referred to as maiden, mother and crone. Today, they're known as prepubescence, reproductive years and menopausal/postmenopausal. More recently, there's been more dialogue around another stage: perimenopause. Quite possibly, this one is the most difficult to pinpoint because it can last for up to a decade, present with symptoms that could be signs of other health concerns, and be erratic enough that we may just think we're losing our minds.
It's not surprising to learn that throughout her life, Dr. Diana Bitner has garnered an incredible number of lessons. But of them all, a select few serve as a compass, guiding her passion for helping women live happy and healthy lives.