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Right now, every woman’s hand is curved around a pumpkin spice latte. It’s this season’s hot accessory, so it’s no surprise the pumpkin services offered at the Salon & Spa at the Amway Grand Plaza Hotel will be well received. 

If someone documented your closet with a time-lapse camera, over time you might see quite the evolution: One day you’re charmed by anything floral print or Bohemian—only to outgrow it for the security of stripes and their clean lines and orderliness. Trends come and go, so it’s important to find style that suits your personality. Call it intuitive style, if you will, but every age deserves a fashion rebrand.

Bella Donna is an Italian phrase that translates to beautiful woman. It certainly makes a fitting boutique name, too. Head to Zeeland and you’ll find Bella Donna Boutique, filled with clothing and accessories to make you feel beautiful, all collected and curated by owner Elizabeth Fetkenhour.

Shoe sales come and go—but when you throw in the word “mega” and “multiple tents,” you’ve got our attention. On September 25, from 11 a.m.-7 p.m., Wolverine Worldwide holds the Mega Sample Sale at their Rockford headquarters to benefit the Heart of West Michigan United Way. What this means is footwear and selected apparel from $10 to $35, with savings up to eighty percent off suggested retail pricing. The sample shoes “sometimes are never used,” says Kelly Ballou, marketing director for Caterpillar. “They might never even come out of the box, or might be put on a table or quickly tried on or used for trade shows.” Traditional sample sizes include a 7.0 for women and a 9.0 for men, but the sale will include a range of sizing.

“Self confidence is best expressed in clothes.” So says Latesha Lipscomb, the creator of Women Who Wine, a monthly soiree dedicated to women in transition, working women and women hoping to better themselves. Each gathering is sponsored by local boutiques who tend to answer the call without hesitation. In the past, support has come from Chai Boutique, Swirls Boutique, Blu by Goodwill and Sydney’s Boutique. Guests sip some wine and network with like-minded stylish women and donate fashionable items all for a good cause—and always with a creative twist. 

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