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Style-Clothing MattersExplaining the difference between "mainstream" and eco-friendly clothing is easier than extracting the greater meaning of the global community. Eco-friendly, sustainable clothing is made from materials that are easy on the environment. As for the global community, well let’s ponder that….

Style-Consignment ShopHidden gems are waiting for you on the racks of consignment shops. Often times, clothing items with the original tags are crammed between rows of blouses and slacks. But for many shoppers, including Danielle Sneller, the thrill of the find coupled with a potential bargain is enough to keep her searching.

Style-ManicureCracked nails and flaky cuticles have no place on Valentine's Day, but there's no need to make an expensive manicure appointment at the last minute when you can do it yourself at home. Try a French Manicure on for size; Paris is the city of love, after all.

Style-Hair and HeadbandAre hats and headbands smooshing your hair and consequently your outdoor mood? Learn how to keep your ears warm and retain volume!

Style-CurlingAt a recent styling event, women learned that the secret to a perfect curl is in the details. Read on for tips on how to hold curl in your hair, and which tools matter most for styling.

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