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This time of year, holiday cheer can be found all around us. What better way to infuse that joy throughout your home than intentionally incorporating the holiday cards you receive into your decor?

Decorating for the fall season can feel like an all-or-nothing deal: Either you've got to commit to going full camp or do nothing at all. Turns out, there's actually a pretty simple middle ground. Though there's absolutely nothing wrong with embracing some of the (arguably delightful) tackiness often found in seasonal decor, it's entirely possible to decorate for the season in a way that conveys elegance and fully embodies an elevated overall style.

No matter the starting point, getting your living spaces organized is a big project that often leads to feeling overwhelmed. Kate Wert, LMSW, Owner and Executive Organizer of Moxie Life Organizing, LLC—a full service organizing and coaching company—says when starting any organizing project, it's always helpful to "manage your mindset."

The Advantages of Choosing a Life Plan Community Over a Retirement Condo

Choosing where to begin your next chapter in life is exciting, but it can also raise some questions. As you consider your living options, discover the differences between purchasing a retirement condo and being part of a Life Plan Community.

Did you hear? Wallpaper is back, baby! Whether you're still not totally sold on the re-emergence of this nostalgic trend or are all aboard the wallpaper train, sustainability and design are increasingly walking hand-in-hand into homes everywhere.

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