Paper Trail

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The Bodies of Art 2013 Spring Fashion Show, 1001 Sheets, features student designers at Kendall College of Art and Design. Fashion shows promoting new spring fashions will be popping up everywhere, but this one is a tad different: The show is completely paper-based, meaning all garments showcased are constructed using a variety of paper. 

“Audiences should think outside their experiences with paper everyday—with copy paper or notepaper or paper they throw away at home—and look at the quality and texture and how paper is made. It is so similar to cloth. It’s soaked and dyed and stitched just like cloth,” said Katie Wright, president of the Bodies of Art Fashion Alliance.  

Designers have pushed the proverbial paper envelope to think outside the realms of fabric and cloth for each sculptured garment. Graphic designers, photographers, sculptors, and fine artists come together to celebrate art and design in a fashion show venue, for a collaboration you won’t want to miss. When everyone else is bragging about some couture collection they spied on the runway, you could one-up them with tales of a fine art-inspired spectacle, featuring paper ensembles bordering on origami. That should seal your style street cred! 

In conjunction with the show will be a gallery displaying the works of photographer Claire Lea, whose high-fashion photo shoot inspired the 1001 Sheets theme. 

The Bodies of Art 2013 Spring Fashion Show is being held March 1, at The Goei Center in Grand Rapids. Doors open for the reception at 7 p.m., and the show begins at 8 p.m. Paper frocks on the runway? This calls for elbows to get front seats …

Visit www.kcad.edu for more information. 

Written by: Missy Black is a freelance writer specializing in fashion. One of her favorite fashion interviews was Nigel Barker from America's Next Top Model. Her love of fashion keeps her awake at night, dreaming of cheetah-print flats paired with red skinny jeans and anything lace. Missy lives in the Grand Rapids area and has written horoscopes and restaurant reviews, and she enjoys another title as shoe copywriter. When her nose isn’t stuck in a book, you’ll find her in an antique store or flea market.

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