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The dangers of tanning beds are well known by all, and whether those desiring a sun-kissed look choose to acknowledge skin-damaging statistics or not, the fact is that summer is coming, and warm weather beckons shorts and tank tops out of the deepest reaches of the closet. But you don't have to put your skin cells in danger to get a bronzed look. Spray tanning aside, L'OREAL Paris is giving women another option this season–self-tanning towelettes.

Even though the technique has been around for a little more than a year in Michigan, manicured shellacs are here to stay. Salons boast that the shellac will last for two weeks, much longer than the typical manicure that only lasts the weekend to five days if you're lucky. Heather Watkowski swears by the shellac as long as the technique.

Style-Golf League Catherine SardarGolf courses are more manicured than ever, which means summer leagues are gearing up for a season on the green. How will your team be dressed this season? The Serendipity Media league is made up of women who don varying styles, but one thing is for sure, they love to shop.

Style-OverallsYou wore them in the '90s, and whether you'll admit it or not, they were extraordinarily comfortable. With their spacious pant-legs and multiple, utilitarian pockets, you rue the day overalls went out of style, until now. According to the New Arrivals at Gap.com, 1969 denim overalls are the next best thing, and at least one woman (besides you), is thrilled.

Style-SunglassesLet the sun shine in! But not into your eyes. Follow this guide to pick the perfect sunglasses shape and size for your face. 

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