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Style-OverallsYou wore them in the '90s, and whether you'll admit it or not, they were extraordinarily comfortable. With their spacious pant-legs and multiple, utilitarian pockets, you rue the day overalls went out of style, until now. According to the New Arrivals at Gap.com, 1969 denim overalls are the next best thing, and at least one woman (besides you), is thrilled.

Style-SunglassesLet the sun shine in! But not into your eyes. Follow this guide to pick the perfect sunglasses shape and size for your face. 

Style-Bra Fitting CroppedYou wear them everyday, and if you're lucky, you don't even notice. But if you're like most women, your bra isn't hitting that sweet spot between stretched out straps and a chest muffin top. Angela Brown and Heather Watkowski may not work at Victoria's Secret, but their bra-wearing experience combined gives them thirty-four years of know-how.

Style-Work to Function NewFor after hours events, working women have just as much time for a wardrobe change as they have to exercise everyday. But finding an ensemble that translates from business casual to a night out is tough. Outfit yourself in versatile styles that work in the cubicle and at a nighttime soiree.

Style-Sports BraRunning is hard enough on your body, especially if you're just getting back into it after winter's hibernation. Take strides to prevent unnecessary discomfort by choosing the right sports bra. Here's how:

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