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Wellness-Bite SplintCrunching noises should only happen in your mouth when you're eating a salad (ok Cheetos), not in your sleep. Grinding and clenching at night is bad for your teeth and your REM cycle. Prevent cracking, unnecessary wear, and jaw discomfort by investing in a bite splint.

Wellness- Marathon PrepThe road ahead is long, especially if you're just starting your marathon training. Sports medicine expert Dr. Kristi Kern says the key to distance running success is setting a goal and hitting the trail.

Wellness-DanceTo add to my repertoire of offerings in yoga, movement, personal growth and wellness, I signed up for the weeklong JourneyDance training held in Boston with creator Toni Bergins. The experience was beyond a "simple training” but rather about BEing fully alive. Whether it is an hour class, or entire week, being fully alive is an incredible space to be in!  

Wellness-Emergecny ResponseMost of us know to apply pressure to a cut to cease bleeding or not to move someone who may have a back injury, but would you know how to react if your tooth got knocked out, a spider bit you, or your neighbor fell off the roof and got knocked out? Better safe than sorry, as the old saying goes. Read on for proper procedures.

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