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It’s no wonder nearly one in ten Americans suffers from depression.

These days, it feels as though everything is a race: A race to get all the boxes on your to-do list checked off. A race to make it to the next rung of the professional ladder. A race to keep up with and perhaps even beat out “the Joneses.” A race to make sure your children have the perfect academic, extracurricular, and personal qualifications so that they can get into a good college. A race to make sure all of the bills get paid, even though you’re on a reduced budget.           

After what seemed like a terribly long winter, many of us wasted no time heading outside to fix up the yard and soak up some sun, once warmer weather finally hit. While it certainly feels good to be doing projects outdoors, it’s important to remember how to do these tasks properly, so your body doesn’t pay for it later. How many times have you overexerted yourself doing yard work, only to wake up the next day with back pain and sore muscles? 

A not so surprising new study shows stress reduces the effectiveness of drugs used for prostate cancer, and even accelerates the disease’s development.

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