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As the holiday season moves swiftly towards us, a balance in life can become more difficult to manage. Though the season is cheery and full of celebration and memories, it can also become overwhelmingly busy in many aspects. Not entirely limited to the holiday season, workplace and job stress is one of the biggest problems in a person’s day-to-day life. 

More than ninety percent of children*, will trick-or-treat this Halloween and return home with bags full of sugary candy that could end in rotten results. Cavities take six to twelve months to get to the state of detection, but "right around Halloween, we do see more fillings coming out and crowns coming off due to consumption of sticky foods and candies," Thomas Lambert, DDS of Grand Rapids said. 

Seeing our loved ones age can be a difficult process. We want what’s best for our parents and grandparents, and as their health changes it’s not uncommon to worry about their safety. A serious side effect that we, as physical therapists, often see with aging is the increased risk of falling and loss of balance. If a loved one takes just one fall, we are always left to worry that it may happen again. Falls could lead to serious injury, and could cause some people to feel unsafe in their own homes.

Whether you want to look good or feel good, it all begins and ends with one thing—a smile. An attractive smile makes a lasting first impression, gives you confidence, makes you generally happier, and is good for your overall emotional and physical health. And the only way to get that smile you’ve always wanted is through the incredible work of cosmetic dentistry.

We often get patients in the clinic who explain their back pain, along with a lengthy description of the different treatments, surgeries, and medications they’ve encountered along the way. “Nothing worked. I’m hoping you can help me,” they say. Physical therapy is a safe alternative to surgery and medication, and it can help you live pain-free: Our goal is not just to mask the pain, but to find the cause and treat it.

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