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How many of you are still battling with the extra weight you gained over the holidays? It often seems as though the last few pounds are the hardest to shed. But, losing the weight might be easier than you think, when you turn simple office tasks or household chores into opportunities to burn calories.

Instead of reaching for those warm weather clothes to hit the trail or soak in the great outdoors, some women may forego comfort and adventure to keep their legs hidden due to spider veins and varicose veins.

As  flu season continues to unfold, it is important to help protect those in and around hospitals who may already have weakened immune systems from other conditions. People experiencing flu symptoms are asked to avoid visiting hospitalized loved ones until their symptoms, such as harsh cough and fever above 100.4°F, subside. 

This article was written in conjunction with a partnership with BCBSM's A Healthier Michigan

When you're tight on time and the weather isn’t cooperating, it could be easy to put off exercise until springtime. But sticking to a regular fitness routine is critical, if you want to stay in shape and maintain your health. Just remember the effort that you put into your health and fitness over the summer; it’d be a shame to undo your hard work by sitting around feeling tired and lethargic all winter. There are plenty of ways to prevent weight gain and stay active in winter, and this is a fun routine you could do without leaving your home!

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