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Wellness-SipBefore you turn up your nose and decide to Supersize, consider giving raw foods a try. Going green (and red, and yellow, and white, and orange) with your diet can boost the immune system and ward off illnesses from the common cold to cancer. Nutrient-rich, and easy to digest, raw foods are turning heads as of late. Jennifer Pohlman, owner of Sip Organic Juice Bar in Grand Rapids is proving that chewing is overrated.

Wellness-Karla Parkhurst CroppedThe crazy pace of life in today’s society can take its toll on a woman's health. Not only in the dramatic increase in stress related conditions, that range from headaches, fatigue, and digestive disorders to chronic pain and insomnia, but in the significant effects on moods, sense of purpose, and happiness levels.

Wellness-Own Your Health“Own your health” is the relatively new catchphrase in the natural health industry. What does it mean? Simply put, you can’t get healthy until you want to get healthy. It also means that you take an active roll in staying healthy.

Wellness-Tea Bag CroppedMany people believe that tea is reserved for those who live in the Mother Country, the elderly or those with a seasonal illness, however, drinking tea on a regular basis has health benefits that your morning coffee or daily soda can’t provide. From herbal teas to black teas, this drink is full of antioxidants that may prevent cancer and even help increase your metabolism.

Wellness-Stay Fit CroppedDo you look out the window at sleet and snow and instantly lose motivation to work out? Or maybe you have a treadmill that acts as more of a storage unit. Use these winter-friendly tips to keep your heart rate up this season. 

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