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This scenario sound familiar? You're at a get together with girlfriends, in the midst of the typical bouts of laughter that usually accompany events such as these, when: "Oops, I think I just peed a little ..."

This article was done in conjunction with a partnership with BCBSM's A Healthier Michigan. 

Each spring, many Americans find that the welcome changes of the seasons bring unwelcome discomfort of seasonal eye allergies. Symptoms generally manifest in the form of itchy and watery eyes, swollen eye lids, dry eye, or bloodshot eyes. According to the Michigan Optometric Association (MOA), irritation occurs when the eye comes in contact with common seasonal substances such as pollen, dander, smog, and mold. As part of the immune response, the chemical histamine is released. This causes the redness and the burning and itching sensation associated with eye allergies. The MOA recommends individuals who experience eye allergies visit their local eye doctor for a proper diagnosis, to receive the best treatment. This may range from over-the-counter allergy drops to prescriptive medicines. 

This article was done in conjunction with a partnership with BCBSM's A Healthier Michigan

How many of you are still battling with the extra weight you gained over the holidays? It often seems as though the last few pounds are the hardest to shed. But, losing the weight might be easier than you think, when you turn simple office tasks or household chores into opportunities to burn calories.

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