It Takes a Village

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May is Postpartum Depression Awareness month. But at MomsBloom, postpartum depression, or PPD, is something we work to prevent every day.

MomsBloom is the extended family for the 21st century. What does that mean, exactly? For centuries, humans were having babies and raising them in the comfort of close-knit communities, filled with mothers, sisters, aunts and cousins who had gone before—and who knew how to show you the ropes. Having difficulty with a baby's breastfeeding latch? Aunt Linda next door can come over to show you how. Need a nap? Grandma down the street will come over and hold her new grandchild so you can rest. Due to changes in our culture and society as a whole, most women do not have that support readily available anymore.

This is where MomsBloom comes in.

MomsBloom matches a trained volunteer to the mother of a new baby, and sends the trainer in once a week for three hours to help mom with whatever she needs help with. In short, we focus on helping mom so she can better care for her new baby. In doing this, we are helping to prevent PPD, which effects 1 in 7 women after pregnancy. PPD can be triggered by feeling overwhelmed and alone. We hope to prevent this before it ever happens, but we also support women in the throes of PPD by providing resources and information, as well as giving them the care and support they need to adjust to this momentous transition.

MomsBloom is celebrating its community's 2nd Annual Bloom Awards on May 19. Go to www.momsbloom.org for more information on volunteering, donating or getting the help you or a loved one need.


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