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People are becoming increasingly aware of and interested in nutritional supplementation and the role it plays in overall health. Nearly 75 percent of the population takes some type of vitamin or supplement each day. There are literally thousands of brands and products to choose from. I want to emphasize: Not all supplements are created equal. This fact can be rather confusing to people who have been told to take CoQ10, fish oil, or vitamin D. You want to take the supplements to get optimal results. Consumers should look for pharmaceutical-grade or professional-grade supplements.

Pharmaceutical-grade means the quality and purity of any given product is tested at many points during production. Raw materials used are sourced from trusted suppliers within the United States or Europe. The end product must be in excess of 99 percent pure, with no extra binders, fillers, excipients, dye or unknowns. Why put unnecessary ingredients in your body? This is also important to those with gluten, dairy or corn allergies.

The FDA has no control over nutritional supplements. However, there are other institutions in place to ensure quality and purity standards are met. Any manufacturer will list these accreditations on their website or product labels.

Finally, product quality must be considered. For a supplement to be effective, it has to be absorbed and used by the body. Different supplements and brands vary greatly. If you are taking the right supplements, you will have a better outcome. We take quality seriously and only offer the best to our patients.

Should you have any questions on the supplements you currently take, I am happy to help in anyway. Please contact me at 616.974.9792 or i[email protected].

Written by Brandi Grimmer, LPhT, NC, Keystone Pharmacy Certified Nutritional Consultant.


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