What's Your Flavor?

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It's no secret that beverages such as regular sodas, sweetened iced tea, energy drinks and sports drinks contain a lot of sugar, empty calories and little nutrition. Even flavored waters and fruit drinks—which, thanks to slick advertising, sound healthy—are packed with added sugars. By cutting back on sugar-sweetened beverages and drinking water instead, you can save money and keep your body healthier.

Sounds exciting, yes?


So ... here are two tips to add a little zest to your water to help keep you cool, healthy and hydrated.

1. Infuse.

You can add a little flavor to water by infusing it with fruits, vegetables or herbs. It looks super fancy, but it's easy to do. Just rinse and slice fruits or vegetables (about five cups per five cups of water), add them to a pitcher of water and let it sit for at least 30 minutes in the refrigerator. Try combining strawberries and mint; watermelon, cucumber and lime; pineapple and lemon; or make a concoction of your own!

2. Suffuse.

Rather than adding fruit, vegetables or herbs directly into the water, you can make your own tasty ice cubes. Place chopped fruit, vegetables or fresh herbs into each section of an ice cube tray. Cover with water, freeze, and add the cubes to the water. As the ice slowly melts, you'll have fresh, flavorful (and cool) water. Berries or mint are great options.

Photo courtesy of Martin Walls/FreeImages.com.


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