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As a child, there are few experiences that surpass cracking the seal on a box of crayons and diving into a crisp new coloring book—coloring inside the lines being optional, of course.

First aid awareness extends beyond CPR training. A health crisis can include mental health events, such as panic attacks, suicidal contemplation or substance abuse. Spectrum Health Zeeland Community Hospital is hosting Mental Health First Aid Training Sessions to help laypeople help others suffering from an acute mental health crisis.

Essential oils are for the gullible, for those who don't understand how the body works, or how science works for that mattersnake oil sales for the new age. Years ago, these thoughts ran through my head as I contemplated treating my sinus issues with essential oils. As a former pharmaceutical rep, I was trained to understand the science behind how certain medications work and why. I believed natural remedies were inconsequential without hardcore data (and lots of it!) to back up any claims. Anecdotal evidence wasn't going to cut it for me. So, how did I end up using the oils on a daily basis?

Do you have pain "down there?" Ugh. Is there anything worse? Not only does the location leave little to be desired, but who the heck can you talk to about it?

Having a case of the winter blues is—literally and figuratively—no laughing matter. "The winter blues" is a conversational term for Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), a type of depression due to seasonal fluctuations throughout the year. Do you have SAD? Read on to learn about popular symptoms and how to escape your cold-weather routine.

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