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AM, Grand Rapids' first yoga studio to successfully bring yoga outside of studio walls, has opened its first permanent location, at 555 Fourth Street on the city's West Side. As well as hosting yoga classes seven days a week, the new AM facility will offer a fully dedicated, on-site studio space for meditation—the first of its kind in Grand Rapids.

May is Postpartum Depression Awareness month. But at MomsBloom, postpartum depression, or PPD, is something we work to prevent every day.

Infertility is an obstacle to motherhood that catches most couples by surprise. Although infertility is not a recent development, discussing it can still be considered taboo and many misconceptions exist. For instance: Did you know an infertility diagnosis is not reserved for women alone? Male infertility factors contribute to approximately 30 percent of all infertility cases. Women and men are truly in this one together.

Relay for Life is an overnight community fundraising walk. Teams of people camp out around a track and take turns walking—each step taking them closer to winning the fight against cancer. Relay events are an opportunity for families, communities, friends and strangers to rally together for a common goal. The temperature is climbing, and West Michigan's "Relay season" is just around the corner!

We are all overextended, overscheduled, tired and just plain ... stressed out! Michelle Steffes, Certified Coach/Business Consultant/Speaker/Trainer at IPV Consulting, can help. She has identified six key factors that should help you avoid burnout. For those of us looking for ways to repair the burnout we've already endured, she has us covered, too.

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