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Jack of all Trades, Master of None | Child Care Provider

Are you considering a more sustainable clothing approach because you've heard fast fashion is harmful to the planet—and to the garment workers who make it? Maybe you're looking to simplify your closet, so you don't end up in a Marie Kondo decluttering spiral every six months. For me, it's both.

Owner and CEO, Flora's Elegance Events Décor | Founder and Director, A Glimpse of Africa Festival | Administrative Assistant, Cultural Intelligence Center

Michigan's rainy spring season is fast approaching—and for many, it means grabbing the same rubber boots and swish-material raincoats. But it's 2020!

I was first introduced to clean beauty about two years ago by my sister-in-law. Before that time, I really had no idea about the potentially dangerous substances in my everyday skincare and makeup.

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