Beauty Beat: Patti Griswold

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What are your top five beauty tips?

1. Find a skincare system that works for you and be diligent in using it every day.
2. Always take your makeup off before going to bed.
3. Drink water throughout the day. My refillable S'well bottle goes everywhere with me.
4. Regular exercise! It gives you a glow and sense of well-being.
5. Consider using an overall body serum before moisturizing every day. I discovered One Love Organics Gardenia + Tea Body Serum last year. It leaves my skin feeling silky and has eliminated the crepey skin I had on my décolletage.

What beauty essentials are always in your bag?

Other than lipstick, I don't carry any beauty products with me throughout the day, except that S'well bottle full of water! What you'll always find in my vanity drawer—or my cosmetics bag when I'm traveling—are all of my skincare essentials. The backbone of my program is the Shiseido Future Solutions LX line, which I started using in my mid-20s. Thirty years later, I'm still hooked:

I've also added some SkinCeuticals products to my regimen that have great anti-aging benefits. I use the C E Ferulic serum, Retinol Refining Night Cream, and Hyaluronic Acid Intensifier—a miracle product! This has helped reduce the appearance of fine lines around my eyes. I'm not a minimalist when it comes to skincare!

What makeup do you splurge on?

I'm pretty fickle with makeup. I use a variety of both drugstore and department store products. My splurges are on the skincare products I use. I also splurge on regular HydraFacials at Grand Pearl Spa and a round of microneedling treatments every year.

What's your favorite feature about yourself?

I like my long legs. I'm 5'8" and love to wear heels to be even taller!

When do you feel the most beautiful?

I don't know that I would use that word to describe myself. I feel best about myself when I'm doing something active outside, anytime of year. The exhilaration of getting on a good sweat surrounded by nature just makes me feel happy and powerful.

Edited by Sarah Suydam, Staff Writer for West Michigan Woman.

This article originally appeared in the Oct/Nov 2020 issue of West Michigan Woman.


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