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This summer's frequent rain has made my grass lush, my flowers radiant, and my vegetable garden a sight to behold. Unfortunately, the rain has also led to a bumper crop of mosquitoes, to the point that I can barely stand to be outside long enough to survey my beautiful lawn.

More homes sell in the spring and summer than any other time of year. With so many potential buyers looking right now, it's important to ensure your home stands above the rest. Making a great first impression is critical: Potential buyers don't allow for do-overs or second chances.

I think I’ve always been sort of a nut about natural light. It just has a way of lifting the spirit and making a home more cheery. Even in the winter, I take down most of my screens. After all, we need as much clarity and light as possible during the long dark winter months, right?

I think it's safe to say that spring is officially here. As I’m writing this, most of you have jetted off to a tropical location to rid yourself of the winter blues.

After this winter’s subzero temperatures and the furnace running nonstop, the amount of dust kicked up by the constant blowing makes spring cleaning seem a little daunting. Here’s how to get rid of that dust, instead of stirring up a dust storm.

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