Post-Holiday Purge

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Another holiday season has come and gone, and it probably left your home with more clutter than before. "Excessive clutter leads to anxiety, while getting organized helps us feel more focused," said Deidre Remtema, Deidre Interiors. "Fuel your focus by purging!" The new year is the perfect opportunity to clean, de-clutter and organize. Here are some tips for your post-holiday purge:

Consider Your Stuff

"Remove everything and thoughtfully put back what you really love," said Remtema. "Rooms feel different when they're empty—and it's easier to focus—so completely clearing them allows you to look at everything critically."

Remtema suggests leaving out anything that isn't useful or doesn't give you joy.

Sell, Donate or Toss

Make sure all that joy doesn't fill your closets: Toss two counterparts for each gift you received this holiday season. You don't necessarily have to send it to a landfill grave. Many items you find irrelevant could still be useful to someone else.

You could try selling your stuff, or you could fill any of your holiday gift boxes with items to donate. You could donate clean items that could be easily repurposed, and some donation centers have extensive recylcing programs and will accept clothing, toys, electronics and many other items in any condition. Even broken, ripped and stained beyond mend.


At the end of your post-holiday purge, Remtema suggest organizing the items you have left like a retail store display. "Show them in a way that's enticing, easy to see and well-lit," Remtema said.

"From your refrigerator to your walk-in closet, an organized and beautiful display makes the everyday routine faster and more fun."

Written by Cassie Westrate, staff writer for West Michigan Woman magazine.

Interior Design: Deidre Interiors, www.deidreinteriors.com; Photography Credit: Ashley Avila


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