6 Tips: Make a Small Bathroom Seem Bigger

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We all have that one bathroom in the house—the one that just seems cramped as soon as you step foot inside. No need to tear down walls and expand, however. Here are some ideas to help you achieve that bigger bathroom feel with the same small space.

1. White on White: Pick white, or a very light color, for your walls and ceiling. You can even choose light-colored tiles for the flooring. This creates an optical illusion that the room is larger.

2. Tone on Tone (Monochromatic): If white is too sterile for you, opt for a light, neutral palette.

3. Floating Vanities: These are affixed to the wall rather than anchored to the floor, which allows you to see to the wall—making the room seem bigger.

4. Pedestal Sinks: A pedestal sink allows for all of the room under the sink to be unobstructed. This gives you extra space bulky cabinetry obscures from your vision.

5. Choose Clear Glass: Go for clear glass (or clear shower curtains) to enclose your shower. This way, the view becomes unobstructed. You'll be able to see to the back of the shower wall, giving you that extra three or four feet of space.

6. Install a Recessed Medicine Cabinet: If you don't have a large amount of counter space or cabinetry, opt for a recessed medicine cabinet allowing you to maximize the space behind your walls for storage.

We hope these ideas will help you as you try to make your small bath appear bigger!

Photo and information courtesy of DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen of Grand Rapids.

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