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Unpacking the places you live inside and out.

Although every strange bump from the night is not the result of a bed bug bite, Rose Pest Solutions' board certified entomologist Mark VanderWerp assures that the pest is back and here to stay. But before you go flipping mattresses, learn how to detect bed bugs to determine if you have a problem.

Don't get discouraged by the housing market. Set your home apart from the rest for sale by staging to sell.

What have you been pinning? For interior designer CJ Zondervan, Pinterest boards serve as jumping off points for her customers' ideas and ultimately designs that she implements in homes all over West Michigan. CJ has a long history in the industry, and she has seen the changes social media and online selling have brought to the world of design, and she's keeping up.

Ever walk into a room in your house and think, "This rooms needs to be refreshed!"? Some areas of your home probably look just fine, but it seems all of us have a room that has wilted and needs to be refreshed.  

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