How to Select the Right Wall Color

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Color strikes an emotion, and could make us feel good or bad. Often I am asked, "What color should I paint my walls?" One sector of the populace is reluctant to paint walls with color, leaving walls a boring beige or white. The second sector of the populace goes crazy with explosions of wall color that make the space look confusing. The third sector of the populace gets it right, with the perfect meld of colors. If you are not sure what wall color to use when preparing a home for sale or redecorating your existing space, follow these tips:

  1. Tip for Beige or White Walls: If the space looks cold, select a paint hue one or two shades darker than the current color. It will provide color to warm up the space, without stressing over too much color.
  2. Tip for Explosions of Wall Color: Tone down the color by selecting a paint hue one to two shades lighter than the current color. Another option is to leave one accent wall the bright color, and tone down the other walls with the lightest hue on the spectrum. It will provide a calmer feel to the space.
  3. Tip for the Perfect Wall Color: Select a paint hue in the middle of the spectrum that match the flooring and furnishings. A darker woodtone dining set will pop off of the wall with a mint hue that is in the middle. From there, vibrant colors could be added in wall art and accessories to meld all of the colors together. It will provide a cohesive and warm feel.

REMEMBER: Well-designed rooms are ones in which it's not about the walls, but about complimenting the home's best features and furnishings.

Written by: Julie Stone, Interior Designer Accredited Staging Professional. For more Design and Home Staging tips, visit Julie's blog at juliestoneInteriors.com or contact her at 616-581-2759 or e-mail [email protected] for your next design project or home staging needs.

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