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Ever walk into a room in your house and think, "This rooms needs to be refreshed!"? Some areas of your home probably look just fine, but it seems all of us have a room that has wilted and needs to be refreshed.  

Some purchase and cultivate compost bins in their gardens, others designate a space for an open pile of vegetable ends and grass clippings. Whatever the method, the process can be rewarding for plants and the general environment surrounding the house.

Spaces-House ScarsI have been doing some spring cleaning around my house.  With the windows open and the sunlight streaming in, I am motivated to dump the drudgery of winter that had accumulated in closets, drawers, and cabinets.  The brilliance of sunlight does a marvelous job of highlighting the dust-bunnies and fingerprints that are dulled by the short cloudy days of winter.

Spaces-Introvert CroppedWomen who lean toward a more introverted outlook are not necessarily shy, and needing a little calm in each day does not make them less likely to go out and meet new people. Stephanie Wagner considers herself introverted meaning she values her quiet time and prefers to work alone. Even in college when her friends were out, she preferred a movie night in. Now Stephanie is a design consultant, decorator, and business owner, and she is finding ways to incorporate her preferred climate of calm into the spaces of her home.

"In my own home, you can imagine that finding quiet is a challenge. I am surrounded by extroverts looking to me to meet their needs. My son and husband are both live-out-loud people who thrive on social interaction–the louder, the better.  Amid the spinning, dancing, twirling, and bouncing that is my kitchen, I need to find an oasis or I can’t function," Stephanie says.

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