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Spaces-Home Office SherrySherry Benedict, owner of Lynn Marketing, moved her business home twelve years ago. She wanted to be home with her kids, but still keep up with the evolving world of marketing. In the beginning, Sherry's "office" was a desktop computer in the living room–also used by the family. When she teamed up with her husband, owner of Lynn Consulting Group, they knew they needed a place dedicated to work.

Spaces-Organize KitchenIf you open your kitchen cupboards to a mess of baking materials, spilled cereal, measuring cups and, wait, what is that...? It's time to organize! Use these tips to get your cupboards in top shape. You'll save time in the kitchen, and you'll purge your cooking area of all things expired.

Spaces-Back Splash CroppedCaked with bacon grease and the colors you chose ten years ago, your backsplashes are pleading with you, "Update us!" While this is not an excuse for you to sweep your messy walls under the rug, per se, it will give your kitchen a facelift and brighten your day too. Get started with planning.

Spaces-Slip CoverYou know the saying, "Don't judge a book by its cover?" Well now your guests won't judge your favorite, albeit hideously floral, couch either. All they'll see is a crisp slip cover, made by you. Follow these simple, do it yourself steps to make a slip cover and take a well-deserved seat. Your guests will too.

Spaces-BasketsA house of clutter fosters a mind of stress. Accessorize your home in style while organizing odds and ends. Using baskets of varying sizes, materials and color can accentuate your home's style while hiding away unappealing messes.

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