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Maybe you're one of the lucky ones who purchased a home that already had a finished basement. What a time and money saver! But wait … What's that on the walls? Could it be? Wood paneling? No offense, 1963, but we're well into the new millennium—and wall decor is trending more toward, well, not wood paneling.

To add interest to the look and feel of a room, add a splash of color. The most inexpensive way to add color to your space is by adding pillows and candles. Start with a large neutral item to spring board from. For example, a sofa upholstered in a soft hue of gray will pop with bright yellow pattern pillows. Add bright orange and yellow candles arranged within a tray on a cocktail table in front of the sofa. Vary the height of the candles from small, medium, and large and keep the number odd—three to five. Odd numbers provide interest and movement to the eye as does the varying levels.

Want to create a space with a cohesive theme? Many times, rooms are overdone with too many accessories and explosions of color. Keeping is simple will tastefully illustrate the theme of the room. 

How to brighten up your basement? West Michigan blogger and entertainer extraordinare Rebecca Lemon has a few suggestions up her sleeve that will make any previously drab space feel fresh! 

Closets could be caves full of clutter. Unused items pile up year after year, taking up valuable space for new items you just bought. Your closet should be easy to navigate when you start your day. Allard Design offers some welcome tips to help you and inspire your closets.

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