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For more than thirty years, Belden Brick and Supply has been the local leader in providing quality masonry, hardscape, and hearth products. As part of the Belden Brick family, we offer a unique advantage in experience and service as we gain knowledge firsthand from our 128-year-old family company. 

If you’re just beginning a home renovationor even just sprucing up one room in your homeyou’ve most likely been looking on Pinterest for ideas.  Pinterest is an invitation-only social image bookmarking system (also known as a virtual pinboard) that allows users to find images online, “pin” them to a board (similar to a bulletin board), and share them with their friends.  Pinterest was first created by Ben Silbermann, Paul Sciarra, and Evan Sharp, in 2009.  

It flies in the face of all the advice I like to give, but when it comes to your kids, let them be hoarders. Within reason, that is.

Color strikes an emotion, and could make us feel good or bad. Often I am asked, "What color should I paint my walls?" One sector of the populace is reluctant to paint walls with color, leaving walls a boring beige or white. The second sector of the populace goes crazy with explosions of wall color that make the space look confusing. The third sector of the populace gets it right, with the perfect meld of colors. If you are not sure what wall color to use when preparing a home for sale or redecorating your existing space, follow these tips:

Decorating your house for the holidays is a fun but sometimes overwhelming task. When putting up your fall décor in time for Thanksgiving, don’t forget the fireplace mantel.

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