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Supporting our friends who are fellow parents often involves sharing and listening to stories of similar struggles: how you get your kids to do their homework or their chores,

After spending a minimum of eighteen years shuffling your kids to and from play dates, music, dance, and athletic pursuits, your youngest (or only) child graduates and the intense hands-on phase of parenting abruptly comes to a halt. In the quiet that ensues, it's not uncommon for couples to feel a bit disconnected from one another. But having the kids out of the house presents an opportunity to get to know your spouse all over again.

To commemorate the Fourth of July, families, friends, and neighbors will come together to celebrate over patriotic displays of fireworks. While many know the potential dangers of fireworks, it's easy to overlook safety measures when you're busy having fun.

"No more classrooms, no more books, no more ..." Waaaait a minute. No more books? Let's try that again: "No more classrooms, but take a look! All summer long, I'll be reading my books!" That's better.

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