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Abraham Lincoln once said, "A house divided against itself cannot stand." In this—and any—election season, there are plenty of divided houses. Competing bumper stickers and yard signs give evidence of the range of opinions existing under one roof. So, what do you do when you lean "red" and your spouse, children, in-laws, et cetera, are "blue"?

Ever wonder how Facebook decides how to suggest whom you should "friend"? Sometimes the suggestions make sense; sometimes, they're a little bizarre.

In partnership with Detroit Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan is launching the #MIKidsCan Contest, asking Michigan kids ages seven to fourteen to share their favorite way to be active to encourage other children to get moving to live healthier lives.

Talking to your kids about puberty or "how babies are made" may feel like some of the most uncomfortable experiences of parenthood, but these conversations provide important opportunities to assist children in making healthy decisions.

If your kids were asked, "Who is your mom's favorite?" what would they say?

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