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How many of us are planning on being more organized in the new year—in terms of time and money?

Some holiday classics seem to be on TV in perpetuity this time of year. If you've seen A Christmas Story enough times to shoot your eye out, give some of these less-known seasonal films a try:

The holidays provide a wonderful opportunity to connect with family and friends, creating the kind memories that make us smile for years to come. They can also be a hotbed of stress, resentfulness, and guilt.

Every year, many start the holiday season with a shopping budget and a vow to stick to it. Yet year after year, after the gifts are unwrapped and the credit card bills and bank statements start to arrive, many are shocked at how much they really spent. Why is it so hard to stick to that perfectly crafted budget? Because it takes more than a preset number to stay within your limit: It takes a plan.

Defining what's "normal" in a relationship isn't easy. Almost every situation has a range of responses that might be considered acceptable, depending on whose opinion you seek.

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