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Girls just want to have fun, and when given the chance, they want to do it together. There's a lot to be said about grabbing a coffee or cocktail after work with a girlfriend, but extend the bonding over an entire weekend, and there's no telling the amount of fun (not to mention free therapy) that will take place. Holland's Jennifer Reeves recently escaped with her girlfriends to Grand Traverse Resort, and the experience that ensued was more than a little enjoyable and necessary for these working moms, wives, sisters, and daughters. Read on to get a glimpse!

For many children, the start to a new school year doesn’t only mean new teachers and new friends, it can also be a source of anxiety with homework assignments and tests just around the corner. Starting the school year off on the right foot can help minimize a child’s stress level throughout the year. 

To help children get ready for the new school year and to minimize academic stress, try these tips and ideas to make students' transition years—kindergarten, first grade, middle school, or high school—more seamless.

Carve out some girl time this fall with these stellar ideas!  

Back-to-school is one of the busiest times for both parents and teachers. But know that as busy as you and your child’s teacher are, you share a common goal—your child’s academic achievement. As an involved parent, you can facilitate a relationship with a teacher based upon this shared goal and mutual respect.

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