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Breast density matters—more than some realize, enough that one West Michigan woman and cancer survivor was driven to action.

From serving 20 years as a nurse and hospital administrator at Holland Hospital, to her first role at Holland Home, which she took in 1998, Mina Breuker has established a well-rounded understanding of how to lead in the health profession.

Tiffany Grubaugh translated her love of sports and desire to help people into Fitness and Sports Performance gym, where she has devoted the past four and a half years to coaching clients to achieve their goals.

Recently, Inc. magazine recognized Grand Rapids' Open Systems Technologies (OST) CEO Meredith Bronk as one of the top 50 women entrepreneurs in the country, citing the company's three-year growth of $39.1 million, and 2014 revenue of $107.9 million.

The inspiration for Make Me Up Foundation, Ashley Quinn's nonprofit organization, came from helping a family friend feel beautiful during the course of her treatment for cancer.

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