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Bonnie Nawara, an entrepreneur herself, came on board Grand Rapids Opportunities for Women as CEO nine years ago. Nawara reflects on GROW's impact in West Michigan as it celebrates 30 years.

Sandy Ward tells a story: When her late husband, Cedric, was in the fourth grade, his teacher invited him to be part of a local theater production. African American children were needed for roles and Cedric enthusiastically accepted the invitation.

"I grew up in pretty humble circumstances, learning to swim at the local YMCA, playing in nearby parks and staying pretty close to home."

Mira Krishnan, Ph.D., never really thought she'd stay in Michigan.

When she's not eating or sleeping, Rebecca Cruttenden is swimming, biking, and running to train for her yearly Ironman triathalon—basically, taking on the world. But that's not all. She's also baking and delivering cookies, speaking, and coordinating volunteers for her business, Clara Cookies.

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