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Anyone can run a business, but only few are successful. Over 10 years ago Amy Ritsema and Mary Kline joined and founded OnSite Wellness, a workplace wellness company in Grand Rapids. At a time when employers became more conscientious about their employees health, Amy and Mary saw an opportunity and acted upon it.

Just days before Karen's second birthday, her parents died in a plane crash. Karen and her brother moved into an unsteady childhood, living with various family members for nearly a decade until settling in with their aunt and uncle. The uncle began sexually abusing Karen when she was 13—abuse that continued through high school, college and beyond.

Valencia Agnew, Ph.D., always loved psychology, but she was so sensitive to the feelings and needs of others, her mother often joked with her to "take it down a notch." Agnew decided she was good at math, so she pursued a business degree and majored in accounting.

Two years ago, Josie Richardson was volunteering at the Kent County Animal Shelter (KCAS), training animals for rehoming and rewarding them with treats.

Mireya Correa moved to the United States when she was 17, with dreams of pursuing an education that would be nearly impossible to obtain with her family's lack of money and resources in Mexico.

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