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From Belarus to Siberia to Egypt to ... Holland, Michigan? The 2016 Tulip Time Festival poster winner's path was a circuitous one, filled with obstacles and emotional hurdles. Her mother introduced her to art at a young age, providing a lifelong creative outlet for this inspirational woman. Her winning painting, "Spectacle," is a mixture of brush strokes and paint splashes that casually dance across the canvas. It is truly an original piece of art, just like its creator. Looking at the painting, you will witness the joy that is Alla Dickson.

On December 15, 2015, Management Business Solutions, Inc. (MBS), a Grand Rapids-based staffing firm, announced that its principal founder and CEO, Floriza Genautis, officially offered company shares to Latoya Person, Managing Partner. In 2014, MBS employee Amy Marshall was also offered shares under the Company's 5-year Employee Ownership Plan. This move is consistent with Floriza's plan to hire future owners.

The ATHENA Young Professionals Award recognizes emerging leaders, promotes women's leadership, and honors outstanding women and men in their earlier career stages. Sara Lachman, the 2015 recipient of this prestigious award, is a civil litigator with Miller Johnson. She chairs the firm's recruiting committee, created its current mentorship program and is active in her community. She enjoys her career, her activities, her family, her world. And she walked really deep into a dark woods to get there.

Breast density matters—more than some realize, enough that one West Michigan woman and cancer survivor was driven to action.

From serving 20 years as a nurse and hospital administrator at Holland Hospital, to her first role at Holland Home, which she took in 1998, Mina Breuker has established a well-rounded understanding of how to lead in the health profession.

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