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When women and girls fall on hard times, more often than not, essential needs like bras and hygiene products are low on the list of items people think to donate.

It's contagious. From the moment Tammy Born Huizenga, D.O., first says "Hello," her enthusiasm, upbeat attitude, hopefulness, insatiable curiosity, and incessant desire to know, do, and be more are apparent.

Though Kimberly Hammond and her Merrill Lynch wealth management team—Hammond, Martin & Associates—work quietly and diligently for their clients throughout West Michigan, the work they do speaks volumes.

Paola Mendivil, born in Mexico City, enjoyed growing up near family—playing with cousins, participating in huge New Year's Eve parties, having fun.

West Michigan Woman, host of the annual breast cancer charity event Wine & Wig, is pleased to announce that the first ever "Valiant Victor Award" was presented at the event on October 3, 2019.

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