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If you've attended a West Michigan Woman Golf Outing, you've seen this energetic woman on the green. Amy Pollack, general manager of Boulder Creek Golf Club and a consistent presence in the golf industry, is always eager to share her love of the game.

The arts connect us all and we need them now more than ever. That's why on June 12, Grand Rapids Ballet—Michigan's only professional ballet company—will release a world premiere virtual programming piece from Choreographer-in-Residence and Princess Grace Award-winner Penny Saunders.

"I got interested in helping women leaders because it became clear that women really are the future of the workforce."

When Christina Guajardo Arnold was young, there were few Latinos in the community and only two Latino families in her elementary school. A child of divorce, less common then, Chris had friends who weren't allowed to play with her because she had no father and was Mexican.

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