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For years, my boyfriend and I have toyed with the idea of staying in on New Year's Eve. However, it never fails: We always end up going out. I can never resist the idea of dressing up and imbibing in some fancy cocktails out on the town.

Despite smaller gatherings, limited venue access, and knowing holiday gatherings will be different this year, creating your spirited, memorable celebrations can still happen. Simply reframe what getting together means in 2020.

I don't need to tell you that the holidays this year will look different than any other year in the past. At this point, we're all aware of our current situation. But the question remains:

There's no better time of year for a warm and hearty meal. From flavorful soups to savory seasonal chilis, the West Michigan Woman team shares what recipes are getting high marks at their dinner tables these days.

The first time I saw a Japanese tea ceremony, it reminded me of a choreographed dance: The graceful movements as one folds a napkin, the intentionality of the extraction of tea from a tiny bowl with tiny taps into the teacup, the delicate movement of scooping up boiling hot water and stirring it with a bamboo whisk ...

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