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When fast food is your only option on the road, you often wish you would have thought ahead and packed some more nutritious options. But even then, you may be stumped on new ideas for some delicious and healthier snacks. Take a look at a few of these options, perfect for packing for your next drive soaking up Michigan's beautiful fall scenery.

A growing number of consumers have taken a step back from alcohol for a variety of reasons—sobriety, pregnancy, caloric intake, moderation and mental health, among others. Yet, these same individuals want to maintain active social lives by attending festivals and events with their friends. Producers and distributors are taking note on this growing thirst for flavorful and colorful beverages with creative names by providing more nonalcoholic (NA) options, from wine to beer to canned or crafted mocktails.

When I learned that Mick Fleetwood (yes, that Mick Fleetwood) had launched his own coffee company, I was intrigued. When I learned Grand Rapids had been selected as the company's initial test market before launching nationally, my interest was even more piqued. We're (obviously) a cool city, but what landed us in the direct sights of such an international music legend? Long story short: we're a mid-sized market that drinks a lot of coffee.

No matter what your plans are for a summer holiday weekend, it's safe to assume there's going to be some delicious fare and refreshments involved. And if you're headed to a gathering of friends and family, you may be tasked with bringing a dish. If you don't have a classic summer go-to on your roster, fear not. We've got you covered. Whether you prefer a bratwurst or a bowl of pasta salad, get ready to dive in. This list, compiled by the West Michigan Woman team, is full of summer shareables to please any crowd!

If you've ever wanted to add a little "spice" to your cooking but aren't sure where to start, no worries—we've got you covered. Think beyond your cousin's not-so-delectable pot brownies from yesteryear. When it comes to cooking with cannabis, there's much to consider, so we sat down with Marley Hodson, Director of Extraction & Processing for RAIR Co., for expert insight.

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