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If you've ever wanted to add a little "spice" to your cooking but aren't sure where to start, no worries—we've got you covered. Think beyond your cousin's not-so-delectable pot brownies from yesteryear. When it comes to cooking with cannabis, there's much to consider, so we sat down with Marley Hodson, Director of Extraction & Processing for RAIR Co., for expert insight.

In addition to being aesthetically pleasing, smoothies are truly a versatile way to sneak some extra fruits, veggies and vitamins into your day. And the good news? You don't have to visit a smoothie shop to snag a truly healthy and satisfying treat. We've got some tried-and-true recipes you can try right at home, perfect for spring and summer. Grab your blender and get started!

With just a few simple ingredient swaps, you can boost the nutritional content of your favorite snacks and meals.

If you venture down Fulton in Grand Rapids near Grand Valley, you'll come across the new Shift Coffee + Culture. While it's not unusual to find a coffee shop anywhere close to where college students regularly roam, Shift and its owner, Deanna Bossenbroek, have taken an intentional and refreshing approach.

Some say the history of distillation dates all the way back to ancient Mesopotamia. A little further down the line in 1405, the first record of "whisky" appears in the Irish Annals of Clonmacnoise. By 1494, whiskey distilling in Scotland is thriving, and eventually is made available to the general public beginning in 1536, thanks to monks needing to make a living after the monasteries were closed by King Henry VIII of England.

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