Have Bronzer, Will Travel

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Summer traveling can take a toll on a girl's beauty routine. Staying regal looking on the road in between trips to the family cottage and weddings is easy if you keep in mind the following key beauty ingredients for your makeup bag.

"Beauty balms are all the buzz right now," says Mia Walker, owner of Smooch Beauty Boutique. A beauty balm, or BB, is new on the skincare front and is an all-in-one, fingertip application complexion product that fills in pores and evens out skin tone. It's fast, easy, and perfect for low-key summertime looks. "People are in love with them–I can't keep them in stock right now."

Make room in your beauty arsenal for a necessity and nicety that can be a surefire mood lifter: fragrance. Mia suggests the Kai fragrance line inspired by vacations in the tropics.

"It's floral, but not heavy and comes in a great roller ball vial for travel," Mia says.

Mia's final product plug might surprise you.

"Even though people get tan in the summer, bronzer adds that instant pop."

The secret weapon against bad weather and lack of time, bronzer, can give that bathing beauty appearances sans damage and also evens out skin tone, giving a little more of a glow and highlight to the fact.

Mia quickly admits her top picks are balm, bronzer, mascara, lip gloss, and eyeliner. "You can run and go," on that list alone.

Before your next trip, head over the Smooch Beauty Boutique, located at 2213 Wealthy Street SE in East Grand Rapids, or call 616-235-1000.

Written by: Missy Black is a freelance writer specializing in fashion. One of her favorite fashion interviews was Nigel Barker from America's Next Top Model. Her love of fashion keeps her awake at night dreaming of Cheetah print flats paired with red skinny jeans and anything lace. Missy lives in the Grand Rapids area and has written horoscopes, restaurant reviews, and enjoys another title as shoe copywriter. When her nose isn’t stuck in a book you’ll find her in an antique store or flea market.

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