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Raised in a family with a physician for a dad and a nurse for a mother, Abby Rogers knows a lot about career dedication and fitting that loyalty into family life. In fact, she's living the lesson everyday as a physician's assistant for surgical oncology at Advantage Health/Saint Mary's Medical Group, not to mention her roles as wife and mother. But what makes Abby uniquely attuned to the importance of balance is her husband Jason's fourteen-year career in the Army National Guard. With two small children and two huge careers, time and energy is is premium in the Rogers house. But with patience and understanding, Abby is waking up each day with a full schedule but a joyful heart.

You recognize her face from WZZM 13, but do you know the story behind West Michigan's beloved TV anchor Juliet Dragos? The Pittsburgh native chose Grand Rapids specifically because of it's non-stop flight back to her hometown, but in the twenty-one years she has been living and working here, she can say without a doubt that she is in love with West Michigan.

Starla Daniels wears the phrase, "It's all good," on her sleeve. Well, technically, it's tattooed on the back of her neck, but the meaning is the same. She takes one day at a time as a chance to dive deeper into the purpose of life, and inspires other women to do the same.

Lori Hastings is spreading her message of hope and help in a soon-to-be-published children's book series. Addressing topics like recycling, environmentalism, and the beauty of individuality, some of the characters are based on Lori's own unique childhood experiences. Others reflect her passion for preserving resources for future generations. In each of the stories, characters overcome difficult situations and learn to embrace the life they were given.  

Women and Herman Miller are a winning combination in West Michigan, and this is nowhere more evident than with the Women Influencing Now (WIN) Team, where employees have the opportunity to collaborate on initiatives that are essential to women.

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