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Laura Caprara is putting Grand Rapids on the map one event at a time. Her business, Stellafly Social Media, is taking off, and with photography and video coverage of happenings throughout West Michigan and even beyond the state lines, Laura hopes to inspire her social network followers to travel and see things outside of their comfort zones.

For Kim Bode it was all about making connections when she launched her business 834 Design & Marketing.

Although she's not technically from West Michigan, Miss America 2012 Laura Kaeppeler did spend some time in the Grand Rapids community visiting school children and spreading her message of hope for a bright future.

Donna Betten was like so many chemotherapy patients making frequent trips to Saint Mary's Healthcare in Grand Rapids for her treatments. But a simple box of makeup changed her outlook on her illness and on life thanks to an organization that is providing funding and care for women across West Michigan.

If you've never experienced the West-Michigan Women's Expo, this is the year to go! This year's event at the DeVos Place includes a full line up of exclusive product launches, shopping, networking and seminars is more exciting than ever before.

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