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Like any woman in tune with the importance of breast examinations, Teresa Hendricks was well aware of the need for annual mammograms, even before she was 40 years old. She kept track of lumps, one in particular that she questioned. But what Teresa did not know is that her breast tissue is classified as "dense" and because of this physique, the mammograms were missing what was diagnosed after seven years of negative tests as breast cancer. 

With her Nikon in hand, Kelly Sweet is ready to take on the world, or at least commit it to film. The Grand Rapids business owner is forever advancing in the field and willing to go anywhere to perfect her craft.

With a degree in elementary education and work experience as a manager and a buyer, Amy Ruis takes a well-rounded approach to her nearly 10-year-old business, Art of the Table.

Writers block doesn't scare Linda Nemec Foster–she's always writing. As Grand Rapids' first poet laureate, from 2003 to 2005, her literary oven is always cooking, although she hesitates to talk about the projects that are still in the works.

Payton Dewitt is a sweet, happy, 7-year-old girl, just special enough to have a charity named after her. What makes Payton even more special is that she is living with mitochondrial disease. Through Payton's Race for a Cure, the organization founded by her mother, Michelle, members are raising money and awareness, and helping researchers to find a speedy antidote.

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