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The Day I Demoted Myself: The Power of Transparency in the Workplace

At my twins' ten-year well visits this summer, we were put through the normal routine—charting growth and promising again to always wear bike helmets.

Let's get something straight: We didn't volunteer to be the "poster women" for choosing a childfree existence. We love kids—other people's kids. This isn't so much an anthem we march to the beat of as a combination of timing, life events, and choice (shocking, we know) that led us to brandish the stylish acronym of DINK (Dual Income No Kids—that's a "thing") as we close in on the magic age of forty.

Senior year: For the child, so exciting! As a mom ... well, you start to think of the fact that she will be leaving, for good.

What do you do if you don't approve of the behavior of Other People's Kids?

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