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What to do when you feel like the only family in West Michigan without a cottage.

Yes, I am staring at you. And yes, I am judging. But not in the way you are thinking. The first thing I wonder is why on earth you thought you could bring your two-year old to a restaurant at 8 p.m. and expect angelic behavior. Certainly, you had to know he was going to fuss.

Summer has arrived! No more lunches to pack, kids to rush out the door, homework to tackle, and general school shenanigans to maintain. But even with all the wonderful aspects of summer, I'm still not sure whether to dance a jig, or pour more vodka into my jigger. I can only think of one thing:

Ah, summer—my favorite season since I was a kid! I love nothing more than heading to one of West Michigan's beaches, or drinking mojitos by the pool with a friend. But the one thing I don't look forward to is the extra chore of mowing the lawn, trimming the hedge ... If you haven't already caught on with where I'm going, I'm not talking vegetation here people.

A couple of weeks ago, during my weekly Meijer visit, I'd just finished loading up the bags when I turned back to the screen and saw the total staring at me: $236.17. Wait: Didn't I just spend that exact amount less than a week ago? I didn't even buy any wine this week! Suddenly, those cinnamon sugar pita chips in my cart didn't look as tempting as they did in aisle 11. Ugh.

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