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You know that scene in the movie Office Space, when the characters break free from their stifling cubicles, steal the malfunctioning printer, and use baseball bats to bash it to pieces in a field? Have you ever felt like that about your workspace?

Allegedly, it takes twenty-one days of a particular activity to "create a habit."

If you've signed up to bring water to your child's holiday party, make it fun but easy (who's got time for decorating with googly eyes and pipe cleaners this time of year, anyway?).

In many homes on the first day of school, kids are asked the same question (and every good Pinterest mom has a board ready for the photo-op answer): "What do you want to be when you grow up?" This year my son said, "a secret agent" and my daughter said, "a princess who eats, a lot." I dutifully recorded their responses and took their pictures. After they went to school, I started thinking, "What will they say next year?"

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