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We all know what comes after the cooking, football watching, eating and chatting associated with Thanksgiving: Shopping! In years past, this shopping took place on Thursday night and spilled over into Friday. There was no shopping mandate, no online edict coupled with a catchy name telling us to spend money—it was just tradition.

To me, food service is serious stuff. Maybe it's because I love good food. Maybe it's because if I'm going to pay for the convenience of not making it myself, there's a certain level of service I expect. Regardless, I recently had two vastly different customer services experiences that dished up some "aha moments" for me on the importance of empowering your staff.

Furry friends have always had a place in our hearts and in our homes—but what about our classrooms? With trends of rodents, reptiles, and fish in schools, we wanted to look at how collaborative care for an animal has contributed to students' learning.

I grew up in a condo, in a land where the sidewalks were magically shoveled in the winter and our little patch of lawn was maintained by men who would show up like an army, unload equipment of all sorts from their trucks, and mow, weed whip, and blow errant clipped grass until everything looked like Pleasantville.

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