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Among the many things the coronavirus has brought us, has been change, adjustment, and the buzzword of the year, "pivoting." It is unlikely that a single individual has been untouched or unaffected by the global pandemic. Businesses, families, and organizations alike have had to figure out how to navigate and adjust to a socially distanced and virtual world, special needs providers included.

Let me tell you: Writing and reading about self-care are often a lot easier than actually practicing it. And I bet you'd be hard-pressed to find a woman who doesn't recognize the value of self-care in some form. That doesn't, however, mean we're all actively implementing and recognizing it in our daily lives—though it's clear we should be!

Meal Prep is a popular concept within health and fitness. It's wonderful for those who thrive on structure and exact planning—yet for many, meal prepping can feel a bit overwhelming.

Telehealth makes seeing a doctor or medical professional simple—especially during a pandemic. Many providers, such as true. Women's Health, offer a patient mobile app, keeping patients connected between visits by making it easy to track their progress and communicate with the team any time a question arises—even after office hours.

In the United States, breast cancer is the most common cancer diagnosed in women and is the second-most common cause of cancer death in women.

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